Funding Health and Social Care

Getting to grips with funding Health and Social Care can be very confusing. Everyone’s situation is slightly different so here we will just give an outline of what the possibilities are and steps to take are for you and your family.  If you need any additional help use the links below or give us a ring.

Assessment and Social Services Funding

The Care Act 2014 gives Local Authorities responsibility for assessment. Whenever anyone needs care services, Social Service Departments are the first port of call. They will look at the support needs of the person and also the needs of their carer (a family member who is there on a day to day basis). Carers now have a statutory right to a service which will give them a break to have some time to follow their own interests. Social Service funding is dependent upon the level of need and income. Each Local Authority has a slightly different way of carrying out their assessment.

All of your care costs may be met by Social Services, you might have to contribute a certain assessed amount or you may be required to pay the whole cost or care. It is usual, where funding is available for you, for Social Services to invoice you for the care provided and NCCN then charge the Council. Any additional support, provided in addition to your assessed need would be invoiced directly by our finance team on a 4 weekly basis.

Personal Budget, Individual Support Funds and Direct Payments

You may decide that you would like more control over your care provision and choose to have a Personal Budget (PB). An assessed amount would be available to you each month to pay for your service. This could be managed by a third party, by you, or by NCCN.  Having a PB gives more flexibility around your provision. NCCN has experience of managing PB’s, the financial aspects being audited by Bethany Pearson, our in-house Accountant and the care side overseen by qualified nurses.  PB’s work well for everyone but especially for those who need a larger support package for example Independent Supported Living arrangements as it gives the ability to ‘pool’ money which can then be used in different ways, eg social events etc.

Below are links for Counties where we predominantly provide care at home services. Click on the county to take you to the page

East Riding of Yorkshire

North Yorkshire County Council

North Lincolnshire Council

Health Care

Personal health budgets work in a similar way to the personal budgets for care funded by Social Services. They offer the opportunity to work in equal partnership with the NHS about how your health and wellbeing needs can best be met, and are one way to have more choice and control and flexibility over your healthcare and support. For more information please follow the link below. Personal health budgets are still quite new so it is more usual for payments to be made by the NHS to us as providers for the services they contract with us.  The link below gives more information
Personal Health Budgets
Private Funding
If you are assessed as having sufficient assets to pay for your own support, or you just would like to come directly to NCCN for your support please contact us using our contact page by clicking here or ring us on 01430 876000.  We will arrange for a member of our Assessment Team to visit to discuss your needs and outline the services we can provide to help you to continue to live in your own home.  Your assessor will go through the contractual arrangements, leave information about the company, carry out risk assessments and discuss any other services which may be useful for you. We can be as flexible as you need – you will be in control, we will support you to live your life in the way you choose.
If you are receiving social service funding it is sometimes useful to purchase extra services from us such as night support for an older relative to give peace of mind, a ‘sitter service’ a couple of afternoons a week, or support for appointments. This can be invoiced directly to you and is particularly useful for families especially towards the end of life.
Please click here for details of our flexible services and our costings.