NCCN openPass

The NCCN openPass 24/7 system is a cloud-based service that lets family and friends view the care notes of their loved ones online, as recorded by their care workers. The system lets you know what food they have eaten, what services have been delivered, even the general conversations they have had with their carers during the visit and the name of the care worker that has attended the call.

There are two ways of accessing this information via the openPass app.

  1. openPass- This is a free service. A direct replacement for the hand written care notes. Families and friends, once given consent to access the electronic system can view care notes via the app. The only restriction with this is that you need to be in the Services Users home.
  2. openPass 24/7 – this is an extension to our free services which means you can keep in touch with the care your loved one is receiving 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. Giving to total peace of mind 365 days a year via the website or app.

Click here for details of how to access openPass and openPass 24/7.

Subscriptions for the openPass 24/7 service cost just £4 per month – click below to set up your subscription now.