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Care for Older People


We fully understand how difficult it is when the decision has to be made with an older person about their future care provision. We are here to help you find your way through the process and to discuss possible care and funding options which may be available.

With the correct professional help and support an older person can live independently at home, avoiding the need for residential care. NCCN works to maintain and improve independence of older people, involving them and their families every step of the way. Our care workers are there to help rehabilitation following a stay in hospital; or, for example a fall; prevent further deterioration in general health and well-being; and to encourage independence overall. We do this by giving choice, finding more manageable ways of doing everyday tasks, and where appropriate, recommending assistive technology. Where possible we will support people to maintain community and social contacts which are so important for self esteem and keeping interests alive.

Our Assessment Team which is led by qualified nurses, will visit and talk you through all aspects of the service and the way we work as an organisation. Because NCCN heads up all services using qualified nurses and managers we are able to provide a full range of services and we specialise in more complex conditions including dementia; Huntington’s; Parkinson’s; motor neurone disease (including respiratory ventilation); holistic end of life care; support with mobility requiring advanced Moving and Handling techniques; diabetes; stroke care including help with physiotherapy exercises..

To give you an idea of the ways we can help:








Help and support is only a telephone call away, as we provide a 24-hour support service with access to qualified nurses and managers should you need it.

Please contact us by clicking here, or ring us to discuss your care needs, other support services we offer, and to arrange an initial assessment.