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Acquired Brain and Spinal Injury

Working with Health colleagues and Case Managers we provide full support for people with varying types and levels of brain injury, ranging from traumatic injury; issues arising during the perinatal period; following brain surgery or cerebral vascular accident (stroke). As part of the multidisciplinary team we like to be involved in the early stages of the rehabilitation process and welcome referrals from neuro-rehabilitation units. We find that early involvement enables us to build excellent lasting relationships with you and your team and gives you confidence that when you return home, everything will run smoothly and your rehabilitation will continue seamlessly. We have succeeded in providing long-term services where others have failed, sometimes transferring existing teams of personal assistants through TUPE arrangements and supplementing them with additional people if necessary.

Deciding how to provide support at home after such a life changing event can be very daunting for a person. We feel it is important that you are comfortable with the philosophy of the company, the way it is run and the qualifications and experience of the management and staff teams. NCCN have successfully provided support for people with Acquired Brain Injury since 2000. We work with people who experience difficulty with disinhibited behaviour; trauma induced psychosis; physiotherapy; invasive ventilation to support respiration; autonomic dysreflexia and any other issues that you may have.

Our support is centred around your needs and we work with you, your family and team of professionals to make sure that we are all working together to help you to achieve your goals.

Your team will be carefully selected and you and your family will be involved in the recruitment process which will include periods of “shadowing” for new members of care staff to make sure that they are suitable for your needs. All services are led and monitored by qualified nurses and additional support is available from our Learning Disability team who specialise in different behavioural needs. In-house¬†training will also be provided and in collaboration with colleagues from your multi-disciplinary team to meet your needs. We constantly monitor your provision of support and assess what is working and what could be improved in order to achieve that. Clinical supervision is available to your staff team involving your psychologists, physiotherapists etc.

NCCN have supported people on holiday who are dependent on invasive ventilation and oxygen therapy, and our “can do attitude” and positive approach to risk assessment, helps to enrich your life.

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(NCCN are members of Headway Brain Injury Association)