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Independent Supported Living

2013-06-08 17.36.15-1Over the last 10 years, NCCN has provided support for people to live in their own homes through their own tenancy arrangements. There are several different ways of achieving independent living.  Each person has different circumstances, we are very happy to meet and discuss the options available to get the ‘right fit’

Getting the ‘mix’ of personalities is most important; often people who know each other from day centre or other settings move in together, but not always. We have found with careful transition and ‘getting to know you’ sessions friendships can soon develop to make for a happy home environment.  Lyn Hole, our experienced Learning Disabilities’ Nurse Manager meets with families in partnership with Social Services and Health colleagues during the initial stages and follows the whole process through putting the person and their family at the centre of all support planning so that needs and aspirations are met.

Some families purchase house for their growing children to share with friends, other properties are owned by private landlords or the Council. Different arrangements suit different people. For more information about housing arrangements, please contact us.

We often succeed where other placements have failed and we believe this is due to our enthusiastic staff team who are well trained and experienced in working with people who have a wide range of abilities. Lyn and her team provide training to specifically meet each person’s needs, working alongside other health professionals to enhance our in-house training. Everyone will have a key worker and a senior support worker is appointed to help communications within the team.

Above all, we recognise the people we support are living in their own home; we are there to make it possible, to encourage independence, enhance life skills and to help people to live their lives in the ways they wish.

For more information about accommodation and support  use our contact us page – click here or ring us on 01430 876000