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Although we employ approximately 260 staff and support 600 people in the community, we are a friendly, family-run company which was established more than 20 years ago in Pocklington. We now provide general domiciliary and complex physical and disability support throughout East Yorkshire, Selby District and North Lincolnshire.  Complex care teams can be developed across the North East led by qualified nurses to provide support for people with a learning disability, specialising in the autistic spectrum, physical disabilities including acquired brain and spinal injuries.

Rates of pay depend upon the complexity of services you deliver and the geographical area.   For details of up to date rates please contact us by clicking here.

We provide and pay for uniform, protective equipment, DBS checks, travel allowance, fully-paid holiday. pensions, generous introduce a friend programme, paid training and loads of support by qualified nurses and managers.

Flexibility of Working Hours
When you start you will complete an availability form which tells us when you are available and we allocate calls during that time, taking into account the needs of the service uses in your area. We ask you to work every other weekend and, if possible, some evenings. Work is available full (40 hours a week) and part time. If you can only work weekends or evenings that will be great too.  If you are a student, especially if you are studying nursing or social care, working with NCCN can give real valuable work experience.

Getting to Work 
We will allocate work to you in your local area – as near to where you live as possible. You cannot pay for your travel to and from work (HMRC reguations) but we pay mileage between calls and if you go home in the middle of the day. A small pool of vehicles is available to use if yours breaks down.

Training and Support
NCCN is a nurse-led organisation giving you professional support whenever you need it – you can ring at any time and discuss any issue you may have with your work or anything which affects it. When you start you will attend a 5/6-day induction programme followed by as much shadowing as you need with an experienced member of staff. Training is delivered by nurses and management staff which gives us all a good opportunity to meet each other and for you to get to know how the company ‘ticks’. We have a fully-equipped training unit in Market Weighton. During induction and the first 3 months with us you will achieve the new Care Certificate. Once you are ‘in post’ you will have the opportunity to attend (paid) training sessions and to achieve an NVQ qualification.

NCCN is a placement provider for General and Learning Disability students at the University of Hull.

Working for NCCN could be the first step into a rewarding career. Rachael, who is now a Nurse Advisor in our assessment and review team, first worked for us as a care worker many years ago before leaving to become a general nurse. After gaining post-qualifying experience, we were very pleased when she returned to join our management team.

You will never be left to fend for yourself; experienced managers are always on the end of a phone with practical or professional nursing support.

Complex Teams
Depending on the availability of complex packages of care in your area, you will have the opportunity to work in our Learning Disability or Physical Disability teams. The work includes supporting people who need 24-hour care; they may have an acquired brain or spinal injury, have mental health and behavioural issues, autism and other problems which make it difficult for them to live totally independently. Some of the people you will support just need help to integrate into the community or to attend day centres, others have a higher level of need which means they have two support workers with them 24 hours a day. They all live in their own homes, this could be with their family or in their own house in supported living, helping them to live independently, to go on holidays, to work and to live their lives in the way they wish. We provide support for people who have their own tenancies. This is usually around the clock and enables them to live their lives in the way they wish – we help them plan each day’s activities as well as accompanying them on holidays away.

Specialist training ensures everyone is confident in all aspects of each person’s needs and in the management of any behaviour which is challenging before commencing work in the team. It may take an extended period of time (could be up to a month) to build your knowledge, skills and confidence so that you can work on your own. This introductory period is paid.

Training for the specialist teams includes a wide range of topics dependent upon the person’s needs. This training is led by Lyn, a qualified nurse for people with a learning disability. We cover such things as Epilepsy Management, Autism Workshops, Breakaway Training, Causation of Learning Disability, Behaviour Management etc.

If you are working in the specialist Physical Disability Team, training will be provided by our qualified general nurses, Jean, Rachael and Mary.

NCCN works closely with the Health Authority and, for people who have ongoing complex health needs, we work in partnership with other health professionals to deliver training specifically to meet the needs of the people you will be supporting. This may include working in the hospital setting prior to a person’s discharge home.

A higher rate of pay is available for the complex team dependent upon the needs of the service user and the skill level required to meet those needs.

Health and Safety
For us, health and safety is of paramount importance from the point of view of the people who receive a service and for you as support workers. We have a team of highly experienced staff, Jean (Nurse), Sarah and Mandy (Moving and Handling Trainers), who assess and review everyone’s care and make sure all equipment is in place correctly to help people with their mobility and that there are risk assessments and moving and handling safe systems of work in place. This helps to keep everyone safe and to make sure that you know how to work with any equipment which is in place. If you have a concern about health and safety they will come out at any time to work with you to make sure you and the service user are confident and safe. It is your responsibility, however, to report any concerns you have so we can put in the appropriate aids and adaptations.

Career Progression
Many of our care co-ordinators and managers have worked as care workers with NCCN for a number of years before moving into the office, so they know exactly what it is like to be out there working in the community.

NCCN is the perfect place to begin, build and enjoy a rewarding career in the care sector. Whether or not you have previous care experience, NCCN offers a wide range of care career opportunities.